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We carry the highest quality mulch available. 

Types of mulch carried in bags:

  • Shredded Cypress Grade “A” All Bark (3 c.f.)

  • Shredded Cypress B+ Grade (2 c.f.)

  • Pine Bark Nuggets (2 c.f.)

  • Pine Bark Mini-Nuggets (2 c.f.)

  • Pine Bark Mulch (2 c.f.)

  • Premium Red (2 c.f.)

  • Melaleuca Florimulch (2 c.f.)

  • Pine straw (bale)

Type of mulch carried in bulk (sold by the cubic yard):

  • Shredded Cypress B+ Grade

  • Premium Red

Grade “A” Fargo All Bark Cypress

Made of 100% bark from cypress trees. It is the “Cadillac” of mulches. It has a stringy texture which is great for sloped areas, it has a reddish brown color and looks great in any landscape. By nature it is resistant to decay, repels insects and maintains its appearance for a long time.

Grade “A” Eucalyptus Mulch

All natural, resists insects, won’t float or blow away, inhibits weed growth, retains moisture, enhances plant growth, & environmentally friendly.

Melaleuca FloriMulch
Made of 100% Melaleuca, an invasive tree to our native wetlands. Uniquely cured to eliminate burrowing nematode. State Certified Nematode Free by Florida Department of Agriculture. Tested by the University of Florida to be termite resistant. Endorsed by Friends of the Everglades and favored by those groups that support our native environment.

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